About us

BBHands was founded by jewellery designer Barbara in Rome in 2004. It was born from the creativity and passion for accessories and fashion with the idea that the word is synonymous to style distinction, elegance and class.

BBHands is the result of the inspiration provided by many trips around the world. Barbara combines semi precious stones and other materials not just to create a beautiful product, but to give each piece an inner and profound meaning. Originality, research and innovation are the key that identify BBHands.

BBhands combines natural materials (such as silver 925, precious stones, semi-precious stones, crystals and Swarovski Elements) with actual trends style in order to create a personalized bracelet, hand-made and 100% made ​​in Italy.

Each piece is expertly hand-crafted with carefully using the highest quality materials. The creativity and artisan manufacturing create a fashionable, unique and attractive jewellery line. Each piece of jewellery is created following Barbara's natural creativity. 

Precious and semi-precious stones, silver and Swarovski Elements (crystals and pearls) are carefully woven on leather one by one with a single strand of silk. Bracelets are unique: each piece is unique as being intrinsically a handcrafted product.

There are several lines of bracelets, each inspired by a color or an emotion. And suitable for different sizes of wrists.